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To start your sea adventure you must visit any Runescape port

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It's where it gets tedious. It is necessary to go frame-by-frame and copy every image in the sequence. Next, you'll need to save the frames in paint RS3 Accounts. Then save each picture as a number within a sequence. So, for example, you can save the first frame as 1, and the next frame as 2.

Start Macromedia flash, and then import the first picture of the frame. It will ask you if you want to import the sequence, which basically means all the pictures that you have numbered, click yes. Now export your flash as a .gif and you're is ready to go.

When I first started playing Runescape, my bank account had gp that was in short supply. As I levelled up in Woodcutting (level 21/31/41), I had to consider, "Do I spend the gp to upgrade to (mithril/adamant/rune) hatchet?" (Similar with mining level 21/31/41 - if I upgrade to (mithril/adamant/rune) pickaxe, it will use up valuable gp in my bank account, and with melee (upgrading to better armor would consume valuable scarce gp). Ha! ...the good old times of Runescape.

During this stage of advancing in Runescape, I read somebody's post on the forum of Sal. The question was, "What is the best way to buy F2P in Runescape with 2.2M gp in the bank account?" There were a lot of options, my favourite was the one who said "Anything you want!" I had little gp in my bank account Buy OSRS Fire Cape, and the person asking the question seemed like a nice scenario to be in.

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