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I mean rs3 is not bad if you just dismiss the mtx

Гость, 19 сентября 2020 г.
I understand everything you're saying, but RuneScape gold I've got a different mindset. You see, I do not feel pressed whatsoever to achieve something in a certain timespan. RuneScape used to have in the way of my life and that I treated it like a job. Goals are secondary, pleasure is primary. If I need a complete month to get a 99 because I don't play enough hours a day, that's just the way it is going to be and that is fine.

Don't get me wrong, enjoyment should always come first. I would not say, you have to receive 99 until you can get fun. Just that some high level skills must perform another quest/fight another boss/allow you to make enough money to enjoy another bit of content. I am sure but I believe that the point here is that the upgrades to RS3 are far more concentrated on mtx than actual content. That is just a huge disappointment. It's a dissapointment, but from what im reading folks are still more concentrated on the EZscape argument, once the game remains much grindier compared to other MMOs.

It's like saying'yeah rs3 is not bad if you simply ignore the match'. This games heading to suffocate from mtx. When I read this it is precisely the same concept with the god statues...I wouldnt be surprised if it's. That is because the teams are all working on Yak Track rather than reworks and content. Everyone knows developers do not wish to get poh code using a stick it's so bad. Is the difference that the RS3 update is really in the game where as the older school one will likely not pass a poll like 75 percent of suggested updates?

Is it actually mtx if most folks used gp to buy it from people who probably got it for free from daily/free keys? Like regardless I would like training construction since I want in POH but together with different people this is a non-issue for me personally. Oh right. . .is the work seat gonna be temporary or permanent?

You can purchase membership on both matches and that is enough to fully enjoy both games. Why are osrs players always attempting to prove how much better osrs is when compared with rs3. "A new method to train Building" it is only a minigame based on some concepts from the failed Artisan ability lmao. And that makes for buy old school rs gold an infinitely better upgrade compared to MTX exclusive mobile workbench.
Гость, 16 ноября 2021 г.
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